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Languages into/from which we offer interpreting services

  • English, French, German, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Spanish, and other languages by request


BestTranslations is able to facilitate communication with your foreign business partners by offering interpretation services for business meetings, conferences, seminars, visiting delegations, negotiations, tenders, focus groups, job interviews, and various social events.

Interpretation, an activity requiring oral translation from a source into a target language, presupposes an advanced level in the working languages involved, and extensive linguistic and general knowledge.  The interpreter must have experience in the field, spontaneity, the aptitude to deal with difficult and unpredictable situations, the ability to listen to and convey a message, analytical and synthetic capacities, linguistic fluency, and a vast vocabulary, ranging from specialist terms to colloquial language and even slang.

BestTranslations’s interpreting service is provided by a team of translators with wide experience, gained at the most important national and international events.  Our team can boast that they have taken part at countless international conferences, forums, and seminars.


Types of interpreting


  • Consecutive interpretation is a method that allows the presenter to speak for a short period of time, usually less than a minute, after which a translation is made into the target language.  This type of interpretation is most suited to one-on-one situations, small groups, short presentations, and telephone interpretation.
  • Simultaneous interpretation is used when the person who requires a translation is not directly participating in the communication process.  The interpreter begins to translate into the target language without waiting for the speaker to finish what he or she is saying in the source language.
    • By headphones: this is the process of translating from one language to another while the presenter is speaking.  This type of interpretation is most suited to conferences, congresses and seminars.  For this type of interpretation, technical apparatus is required (booths for the interpreters, microphones, headphones – all of which we can supply on request).
    • Whispering (chouchotage): the listener is just one person and there is no requirement for technical equipment.
  • Telephone interpretation, three-way videoconferences: these are aimed at those who have contacts with various foreign partners via modern media of communication; they do not necessarily take place at the client’s premises and more often than not require an excellent general knowledge of the working languages.
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