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Q. How do I go about requesting a translation?
A. It couldn’t be simpler: just send your request by e-mail (or using the form on the left side of this page) or contact us by fax or telephone.

Q. In which languages do you translate?
A. We can translate from and into more than twenty-one languages:
English – German – Italian – French – Arabic – Spanish – Serbian – Russian – Ukrainian – Bulgarian – Portuguese – Dutch – Hungarian – Turkish – Greek – Farsi – Slovak – Finnish – Norwegian – Swedish – Danish – Polish – Czech – Chinese – Hebrew – and others.

Q. What is an authorised translation?
A. An authorised translation is one that has been made and signed by a translator authorised by the Ministry of Justice.

Q. What is a legalised translation?
A. A legalised translation is an authorised translation in which the translator’s signature has been certified by a notary public.

Q. How long will my translation take?
A. In order to establish a deadline for the translation, the following information is taken into account: the length of the document (the number of characters per page), the nature of the document (e.g. technical, legal, economic, medical etc.), and the source/target language.  Some translations can be carried out “on the spot”, while others require a few days to complete.  Whatever the situation, however, we will endeavour to meet our clients’ requirements in the shortest possible time.

Q: Do you carry out translations within urgent deadlines?
A. Yes.  Projects of this kind are treated as priorities.  However, for this kind of work, translators are required to make an especial additional effort in order to translate a large number of pages within a short time (for example, by working for long, uninterrupted stretches or at night, at weekends etc.).  For this reason, in the case of urgent translations, an additional fee is levied, with the agreement of the client.  This fee can be between 20% and 50% of the total price of the work.

Q: Who carries out the translation work?
A: We understand the importance of quality translation and this is why projects that bear the BestTranslations brand name are carried out exclusively by translators authorised by the Ministry of Justice, with specialist experience in various fields: law, finance, medicine, technology, management, marketing, etc.  And, of course, each translation is carefully checked by a project co-ordinator before it is delivered to the client.

Q: How much does a translation cost?
A: There are a number of factors involved in the establishment of a price for a particular project.  Of course, the size of the work (number of words/pages) is the most important.  The source and target language, the specifics of the document, and the deadline for the translation are other factors we take into account when we calculate a price. For further details, please request a quotation (using the form on the left side of the page).

Q: Can you check a translation made by someone else?
R: Yes.  We can check/proofread a text translated by someone else, and the tariff for this service is between 30% and 50% of the tariff for translating a similar text.

Q: Can you provide notarised translations?
A: Yes.  On request, we offer clients the auxiliary service of legalisation of translations carried out by our authorised translators.

Q: What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive translation?
A: Simultaneous translation is the process of interpreting a language in synch with the speaker (through headphones), while consecutive translation is the process whereby the speaker is given a short time to speak, usually less than one minute, after which a translation is provided.

Q: Do you offer interpreting services?
A: Yes! Our team of interpreters allows us to find optimal solutions for your all requirements, regardless of whether it is a question of important documents, conferences, business meetings, videoconferences or special events.

Q: Do you use machine translation software?
A: No! A computer programme can never be a substitute for human intuition and experience, and the ability to provide a precise interpretation of a text is something that only a specialised, highly experienced professional can offer.

Q: How can I assure myself of the confidentiality of the information contained in my translation?
A: The deontological code of our translators and the internal procedures of BestTranslations presuppose the confidentiality of all documents.  Moreover, by request, we can sign a separate confidentiality contract, whereby we undertake to preserve the confidentiality of your information.

Q: As a translator, how can I become a member of the BestTranslations Team?
A: Competence and accumulated experience are the main factors taken into account when selecting collaborators.  If you wish to work with us, please access and fill in the application form in the careers section.

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