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Standard offer



Standard offer Translations


Calculation of number of pages

A standard page of translation is considered to have 1,800 characters including spaces, or approximately 250 words.  If your document is in Microsoft Word format, you can calculate the number of characters yourself by going to the Tools > Word Count menu.  The final calculation will include the total number of pages, rounded up to the nearest page for each separate document.



When establishing the tariff for a translation, a number of factors are taken into account: the languages from/into which the translation is to be made, the deadline for delivery (level of urgency), terminology, and the volume of work.

For translations from one foreign language into another (i.e. where neither of the languages is Romanian), a tariff will be negotiated for each of the languages required by the client, with an increase of between 50% and 100% per page.


Deadlines for delivery
We are often confronted with clients who require translations with a very high degree of urgency, more often than not within deadlines that are almost impossible to meet due to the complexity of the translation and the extremely short space of time demanded.  For such work, which cannot be carried out within a very short time by a single translator, a number of translators can be called upon to translate your material simultaneously, with the translation as a whole subsequently being checked and assembled in the format desired by the client.

However, it is ideal that the translation of a given text should be made by either a single person or by as few translators as possible.  In this way, consistency of style and of the translation of various expressions is ensured, and many possible sources of error are thereby eliminated.

The normal deadline for a translation from the group of major international languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German), with a normal to medium level of difficulty and within normal working hours, is approximately ten pages per translator per day.  In the case of difficult translations or those involving languages other than those mentioned above, this deadline may be five to six pages per translator per day.

For translations required urgently, for which the translators will be required to make an especial additional effort in order to succeed in translating a large number of pages within a short time (by translating for long uninterrupted stretches, or by working at night, at weekends etc.), as a rule, and with the agreement of the client, an urgency fee is levied, which, depending on the amount of extra effort involved, can range between 20 and 50% of the total value of the work.  (back)

The BestTranslations team will ensure that the deadline for delivery of your translations will always be met with the maximum promptitude, through the signing of a contract whereby we guarantee to meet your deadline while providing real quality at a fair price.


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Standard offer interpreting

BestTranslations offers simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services in a number of foreign languages, at the locations required by the client.  Our interpreters have the highest level of professional training and are specialists in various fields.  

The tariffs for interpretation services varies depending on the level of difficulty and the specialisation of the language, the time allocated, the location, and the number of translators per booth (in the case of simultaneous translations).

For translations at the officiation of weddings or at the signing of notarised acts, a fee per hour is charged.

At business meetings, symposiums, conferences etc., a fee per day is charged.

When requesting a price offer, please take into account the following:

  • For translation services from one foreign language into another (i.e. where neither of the languages is Romanian), there is a surcharge of between 30 and 50% compared with the initial price of the respective language
  • Depending on the level of difficulty (strictly specialised language), there is a surcharge of 25% compared with the initial price of the respective language
  • In the case of simultaneous interpretation (through headphones), translators will work in teams of two
  • The maximum time for interpretation is six hours per day; a twenty-per-cent surcharge will be applied to the basic tariff for longer periods
  • Time will be clocked from the moment in which the interpreter is at the client’s disposal
  • For trips outside Bucharest, the client will be responsible for providing transportation, accommodation and meals for the interpreter(s) to decent standards
  • The minimum time per day is four hours (half a day)

If you send us details about your event (date, location, languages, number of interpreters, subject matter), we will provide you with a detailed offer in the shortest possible time.

Request a quick cotation.


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