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Maintaining the confidentiality of the materials we translate is one of our top priorities.  Many of the materials we receive for translation include information that is highly important to our clients (regarding business, transactions, tenders, banking details, personal data, etc.). For tasks that require a high level of confidentiality, separate confidentiality contracts may be signed by the client and the translator(s) directly in involved.

BestTranslations takes the greatest care to protect the confidentiality of all the written and verbal information provided by our clients for translation.  This information will not be made public or communicated to any company, private individual, legal entity, or state institution.  Information will not be divulged to any third party except with the express consent of the client.

No unauthorised person will be granted access to any confidential information.  Copies of confidential documents or files will not be kept after completion of the service provided.  The consultant will not collaborate with the police by releasing information necessary to any investigation UNLESS the investigative body in question presents a warrant issued by a court of law.

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